About Kristene Elmore, MA, LPC

Thank you for taking time to explore my web site and learn about my private therapy practice in Brighton, Colorado. I am licensed by the State of Colorado to provide therapy as a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC).

I hold degrees in both Business and Psychology. I am the founder and principal of Brighton Psychology through which I provide psychological counseling and consulting.

I have been involved in the counseling psychology profession several years. I have provided therapy to professionals, couples and adolescents during my years in private practice in the metro-Denver area and now in Brighton, Colorado.

I enjoy deeply engaging with a variety of people. I champion each client or couple as each experiences the process of personal transformation and improves the quality of their life.

I take great pride in this work: facilitating the therapy process so individuals can live the life they intend. The successful therapy process clears the path for both individuals and couples to move forward with profound courage and to live a life of joy and wholeness.

Often, as the process of therapy unfolds, I observe my clients’ personal transformation. I am honored to witness the blossoming of self-appreciation, strength and self-acceptance.

Please contact me on 303-659-6743 or by email with any questions you may have about my practice. I am happy to talk with you.

Take time to discover opportunities to see yourself differently than you currently do.

Kristene Elmore, MA, LPC
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