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Welcome to Brighton Psychology, LLC

You may be searching for a professional coach or therapist to help you develop a greater ability to understand and control your emotions or you may simply want to find peace of mind.

You may feel the need to explore a repetitive and burdensome aspect of your life: perfectionism, fear of abandonment, recurring dreams.  It may be that nagging feeling of unsatisfying relationships with colleagues, family members, C-Suite personalities, friends or self.

If you want help, help is available.

I am Kristene Elmore.  I have been active in the counseling & coaching profession — helping people reduce stress and dysfunction in their life and move toward achieving positive and personal transformation — for several years. I provide individual therapy to explore personal growth and well-being.  I provide coaching and leadership training for business leaders and other professionals.

I have worked with a variety of clients to unlock their potential. I often witness clients’ positive growth and newly acquired abilities to navigate:

Self-sabotaging behaviors that seem to be in control

Anxieties about a career change

Behavior patterns that interfere with living an authentic life

Relationship challenges with business partners 

Traumatic or life-changing events

Difficulties dealing with family members

If your current existence is reminiscent of muddling through an unsatisfactory life day after day, call me on 303- 659-6743 or contact me by email to set an appointment. 

I provide a respectful, supportive and confidential environment where you can safely disclose your inner thoughts and feelings.

I can help you create deliberate, effective and lasting change.

Kristene Elmore, MA, LPC
Tele-Health appointments only
Tel: 303-659-6743